I Have Done Enough Today

Sleep changed for me when my son came into the picture. With pregnancy came insomnia, long before the various discomforts kept me awake at night. Then, of course, I couldn’t get comfortable, and then I had a newborn to nurture at all hours. But even after X sleep trained, my […] Read More

Our First Christmas with a PTSD Diagnosis

For the past two years — since my son was born — Christmas has been really hard. We haven’t traveled and haven’t had family come to visit, so we had none of the more common stressors… yet, I spent one of the sweetest, most joyful holidays of the year angry, […] Read More

Life Hack: Child Care for Therapy

I go to psychotherapy weekly for my PTSD. In some ways, that’s awesome — it’s easy to see my progress, and to progress rapidly. I’ve developed good rapport with my therapist. It’s always on my calendar so it’s harder to forget. But in other ways, it’s really, really hard. Instead […] Read More

Self-Care for Beginners

I’ve always found the idea of self-care daunting. “Exercise for 30 minutes a day!” they say. “Eat healthy!” they say. If adding something to my routine and changing my habits were that easy, I wouldn’t be struggling with PTSD, okay? But I do have PTSD. I’m also a stay-at-home mom […] Read More

Things I Learned about PTSD from Getting the Stomach Flu

I got a stomach bug (or something) last week. Fortunately it was just a little 24 hour thing, but for that day I was so miserably sick. I couldn’t do anything but lay down at the risk of terrible stomach cramping and lightheadedness. But my husband had to go to work, […] Read More

Physical Symptoms After EMDR Sessions

Therapy for PTSD has come with some weird, uncomfortable physical side effects. After I finally finished working through my first traumatic memory using EMDR, I spent the following week super thirsty no matter how much water I drank, and completely exhausted. “Your body is naturally detoxing!!” one friend exclaimed, fascinated […] Read More

Home Cooking for PTSD Moms

Hi friends, you’re watching Subsequently Sweeter, where life hacks are actually survival skills, but things get a little better every day. I’m Sara, and today I’ll be sharing my dinner time solutions for when my PTSD flares up and what do you know — it’s dinner time. Some days, I […] Read More

Choosing Autumn Walks Over PTSD

I try to live by a strict schedule. Mondays are trash, Tuesdays are laundry. Mornings are errands or playdates, evenings are cardio and blogging. You get the idea. I do it this way mostly because of PTSD — knowing that I have a set task for a given day and […] Read More

10 Ways to Help Your Loved One with PTSD

Hi friends, this is Subsequently Sweeter, where sometimes we freak out our friends and family, but things get a little better every day. I’m Sara, and today I’ll be speaking to those friends and family members about how they can help people with PTSD. It’s easy to feel helpless and […] Read More